Landscaping Services in the Yakima Valley

Stevens Landscaping of Yakima has been a family owned & operated business since 1990. We take great pride in our quality of workmanship. With our experience you can be sure your landscaping projects will be a success.

Sprinkler Systems

We design and install automatic sprinkler systems to fit all your landscaping needs.

Plants, Trees & Sod

We install systems in existing lawns with minimal disturbance and the proper steps to ensure a perfect match.

Decorative Retaining Walls

We design and build decorative retaining walls using interlocking blocks or native rock to suit your needs.

Patios and Pathways

Pavers and stones with professional installation

Ponds and Water Features

Ponds and pondless water features, waterfalls and creeks; all sizes custom designed for your needs.

For Your Fall & Winter Needs

We offer winterizing services for sprinkler systems and snow plowing.

Consulting Services

We now offer consulting services for the do-it-yourself landscaper, and we have landscaping materials available.